Transforming Your Business

Quotes from the book

“The Potent Leader is calm, decisive and clearly in control. This is an individual who has a firm grip on the organization, rather than the other way around.”

Ask yourself two questions: If the business or corporate department you now operate is to survive the down-times and better yet, become tremendously successful, do you believe it must become hyper-efficient? And, if you are to have personal control and freedom, is it true that your business or department must be able to operate without your moment-to-moment input? If you answered yes to both of these questions, read on. You’ve come to the right place.

“The transformation begins with a small yet profound adjustment in how one views the world. Once this epiphany occurs, the rest is simple mechanics.”

Use the principles of my book to transform your business into a super efficient machine – a machine that will provide you the freedom and income you’ve always dreamed about.

“Our lives are primary systems made up of individual recurring sub-systems. If one can see these sub-systems on a moment to moment basis, it is possible to examine and then to manipulate them into super-efficiency one at a time. Then, for each perfected sub-system the final and most critical step is to make that perfection permanent. Do this, and create a life of control, peace and freedom”

My life is very different from how it was sixteen years ago when I worked 80- to 100 hours a week and was barely surviving financially. That horrible tedium went on for a decade and a half! Now I work a couple of hours per month, and my income is dozens of times higher than it was. How did I get to this place? “At a single point in time I had an epiphany that permanently changed my perception of how the machinery of the world works.” Then, seeing things “one layer deeper,” the next steps were obvious, and I quickly fixed my life.

In your own life, you can make dramatic changes too.

“The world around us, composed mostly of recurring processes, is 99.9 percent efficient as-is. If things are not working well in your world, it won’t take a lot of time and effort to fix things. Most people don’t see the incredible efficiency of the world, seeing it as a swirling mass of sights, sounds and events. They view their lives as problematic as they concentrate on the undesired results of unmanaged systems.”

Systems methodology is based on hard-and-fast reality: the physical, mechanical way the world actually operates. There are no airy-fairy, feel-good platitudes. No esoteric theories or mystical pronouncements. And don’t misinterpret the title of the book. This is not about manipulating the people around you or performing some magic subterfuge. In fact, the book’s title exactly describes the methodology. Best of all, you don’t have to discard your current business, job or lifestyle although that can be an option. The Work the System methodology is about making your world hyper-efficient by applying simple and logical mechanical adjustments in how you operate throughout the day.

“If the mechanics of the endeavor become the focus, control will naturally ensue. The secret is to concentrate on system-improvement, not fire-killing. Systems must be seen and then coddled, constantly “tweaked” to perfection by instituting systemization and orderliness. Bad results will be a thing of the past.”

Intriguing? You’ve opened the first door to freedom and wealth. There are other doors to open, too. And, this is not a stretch: These principles apply to personal life including relationships and physical and mental well-being.

“The goals, principles and recurring operating processes of a business or a corporate department should be simple yet well-explained. Staff members should not have to be mind-readers or fortune tellers.”

“What Sam Carpenter teaches will revolutionize your work and your life

– Michael Jans, president of Insurance Profit Systems

“Distraction, diversion, and overwork are the keywords of modern life. Work the System maps a different strategy; it’s a deep adjustment plan for making more minutes count and freeing up more time for the meaningful things in life.”

– Mark Bauerlein, author of The Dumbest Generation

“Sam Carpenter brings together the practices of the biggest and best companies to help you succeed in your business.”

– Rich Sloan, co-founder of

“Sam clarifies the essential steps needed to replace overload with control, and reduce complexity with the power and genius of simplicity. Maximize results while working less every week!”

– Nancy Hagan, Executive Productivity Coach, Effective Executive

Work the System is a reality check for business owners who are struggling…”

– Susan Solovic, CEO, Small Business Television

Work the System is revolutionizing our lives! It has totally motivated us, and we are already implementing new plans in our business and personal lives.”

– Kevin and Dani Meyer, small business owners; Bend, Oregon.

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