About the book

It started with a midnight insight. After a fifteen-year nightmare of coping with his struggling small business, Sam Carpenter discovered and then developed a simple methodology that knocked his routine 80-hour workweek down to zero, while multiplying his net income by a factor of 100. Now, in 2021, here’s his bestselling business book revised yet again, showing how you too can instantly break free to build the business and life of your dreams.

A simple mindset tweak will change your life.

In this fourth edition of Work the System, Carpenter reveals the profound insight and exact uncomplicated, mechanical steps he took to turn his business and his life around. Once you ”get” this new vision, success and serenity will come quickly. You will learn to:

  • Make a simple perception adjustment that will change your life forever.
  • See your world as a logical collection of linear systems that you can control.
  • Manage the systems that produce results in your business and your life.
  • Stop fire killing and become a fire-control specialist.
  • Maximize profit, create client loyalty, and develop enthusiastic employees.
  • Identify insidious ”errors of omission.”
  • Maximize your biological and mechanical ”prime time” so that you are working at optimum efficiency.
  • Design the life you want and then, in the real world, create it!

You can keep doing what you’ve always done and continue getting unsatisfactory results. Or you can find the peace and freedom you’ve always wanted by transforming your businesses or corporate department into a finely tuned machine.