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With your new Systems Mindset, procrastination will be gone forever. I’m Josh Fonger and I’m the COO of Work the System Consultants, business partner with Sam Carpenter. Overcoming your natural tendency to procrastinate is a simple thing, but first you’ll need to get an outside-and-slightly-elevated perspective. This is a perspective based on reality; a viewpoint […]

(Note: You know you need to work ON your business, not IN it! Systemizing your business is a simple thing, but it needs to be done in a certain step-by-step sequence if it’s to succeed. Right now (late July 2015) we are approaching the close of registration for our next Transformational Group Coaching class. We’ve […]

Last week, Josh and I released a brand new podcast entitled “Systemization: The Four Mistakes You do NOT Want to Make.”  Go here to listen. You’ll be able to download it too, and it’s on iTunes… (Adapted from the book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.) Could it be […]

Note!  Next week we are releasing a brand new podcast entitled “Break on Through: Quickly moving your business from Chaos to Control.” Go to the home page of the website on Tuesday June 2nd, any time after 12 Noon EST. You won’t want to miss this one… Four Key Considerations for Creating Working Procedures What is […]