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The other title I considered for this post was “Acres of Diamonds.” If you haven’t read this classic late 19th century speech by Russell Conwell, you should. The above version is abridged but the unabridged version is very much worth the ten minutes it takes to read.

In January, David Walsh and Seth Hosko visited for a couple of days in our home in Bend, Oregon. We taped some informal videos that are now posted on their website, Muselife (While there, be sure to subscribe. The site already has a large subscriber base and you might as well climb on board.)


January 19, 2010

The trauma in Haiti is horrible. And not too long ago there was the earthquake nightmare in Pakistan/Azad Kashmir, and just before that, the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Major loss-of-life tragedies of this sort are the predictable result of natural catastrophe combined with non-existent building code, social safety net and security/police systems.

It’s the time of year when we drop our defenses and say a simple thank you. And with the new year, it’s the perfect time to try a new life-approach if the current one hasn’t been working out so well. You’ve heard it before. Maybe a parent told you or you read about  it or otherwise recall rumors of it. You may have even seen an occasional glimpse of it. […]

In the three maps above: Note the congruency between economic freedom and personal wealth. Let’s find the connection. I post this on December 1, 2009: Exactly 25 years ago today I went into business for myself. This analysis is a thank you to an economic system that works. This is a two week post because it’s long and covers a lot of […]

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