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January 19, 2010

The trauma in Haiti is horrible. And not too long ago there was the earthquake nightmare in Pakistan/Azad Kashmir, and just before that, the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Major loss-of-life tragedies of this sort are the predictable result of natural catastrophe combined with non-existent building code, social safety net and security/police systems.

Young Russians: Socialists or Capitalists? This is not a political blog. It’s a “systems mindset” blog. In my December 1st post,  Socialism & Capitalism: The Systems Mindset Dissection, my primary message is not about which system is best (although, as an aside, one certainly is more efficient than the other). I use real-life topics like this to illustrate […]

In the three maps above: Note the congruency between economic freedom and personal wealth. Let’s find the connection. I post this on December 1, 2009: Exactly 25 years ago today I went into business for myself. This analysis is a thank you to an economic system that works. This is a two week post because it’s long and covers a lot of […]