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In the better hotels, what’s with this soft electronica/chill music? The new and much improved muzak, it gently throbs away here at the Hotel Saint-Sulpice in Montreal as I write this piece late Tuesday morning.  Linda and I sit together near the fireplace in the lobby. The magnificent Notre-Dame Basilica is right next to the […]

It’s 5:00am on the last day of September and I’m at the Adirondak Loj near Lake Placid, New York. Removing ones elf from the regular routine of daily life and relationships is the fast and easy way to gain new perspective, to get “outside and slightly elevated.” (Yes, many would label this, “vacation”.)

An author’s obsessions include Amazon book rankings…and book reviews. We especially appreciate reviewers who clearly understand the subtleties of the overall message. I’ve never published a review of “Work” before, but this recent one by Bob Morris, who writes  for the Dallas Business Commentary Examiner, nails it. I also like that Bob points out the pragmatic […]

Unlike my previous life – the life I led before the age of 50 – I now observe the world as a collection of separate systems, both mechanical and mental. It’s what I call my “systems mindset.” As I contemplate the inner workings of mechanical reality in this detached way, once in a while I stumble […]

When you personally “get” the systems mindset, you’ll notice others who have it too. Let’s talk about a profitable business model that is as systems-mindset oriented as any I have seen. It’s Bikram Yoga.

I’m writing this post because the one I published last week had some problems. Last Wednesday, the day after I emailed Choose the Red Pill to my subscriber list, I read through it and found several grammatical errors and some clumsy paragraphs. Also, I thought it was too complex as well as a bit melodramatic […]

This Q&A will stand on its own, but you may want to read Part One first. -sc Q. Your systems mindset message seems to repeat itself. Are you a one-trick pony? A. I take that as a compliment if you are suggesting that I have a single, simple lesson to teach. Here’s the thing: The beauty of the systems mindset […]

People ask me the same questions over and over so it seems reasonable to answer them here, for the record. I’ll do this in two parts. Part Two is here. –sc Q. What is the Work the System method? A. Per a simple change in mindset, it’s a fast and logical way to get control of one’s life.  Life-control includes being […]

In January, David Walsh and Seth Hosko visited for a couple of days in our home in Bend, Oregon. We taped some informal videos that are now posted on their website, Muselife (While there, be sure to subscribe. The site already has a large subscriber base and you might as well climb on board.)

(This is an excerpt from,  Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.) Several years ago we had problems with two Centratel employees. The first one’s work was very good, but he failed a random drug test. The second one’s work quality was also exceptional, but she violated our computer privacy […]