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Note: Readership of this blog stretches to over 150 countries and as we prepared to post this particular essay I realized the message is most applicable to parents in the western world…parents who have the time and money to over-complicate things. In much of the developing world where basic survival is the challenge, parents will viscerally understand this mechanical sensibility because […]

An author’s obsessions include Amazon book rankings…and book reviews. We especially appreciate reviewers who clearly understand the subtleties of the overall message. I’ve never published a review of “Work” before, but this recent one by Bob Morris, who writes  for the Dallas Business Commentary Examiner, nails it. I also like that Bob points out the pragmatic […]

(This is an excerpt from,  Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.) Several years ago we had problems with two Centratel employees. The first one’s work was very good, but he failed a random drug test. The second one’s work quality was also exceptional, but she violated our computer privacy […]