Chapter 10

Your Task is to Create Value

Carpenter_Systems_Comps_R6.inddBefore we go any further, is there a single rule of the universe that I can follow to keep me headed in the right direction? 

Good for you to ask that kind of question. It shows you understand that the world functions in a formulaic way, that there are principles that work everywhere and all the time.

Without getting all woo-woo, here’s something you can keep in mind: Personal freedom—meaning, among other things, lots of money and spare time—is a direct result of creating value for others. You can describe it as Karma or the Golden Rule, but in any case it has to do with addressing a mechanical reality of life here on planet earth: If you want to get ahead, no matter how efficient you are, you must deliver value to others.

In a free enterprise economy, you must do enough for someone else that they will want to pay you. In your job, when you go beyond the expected requirements, you’ll find yourself moving up the corporate ladder. In your romantic relationship, improve your partner’s everyday existence, and he or she will feel good about doing the same for you. With friendships, expand upon the principle of “you remember my birthday and I’ll remember yours,” and you’ll get the same in return. And when it comes to personal health, add value to your body by thoughtfully feeding, resting,
and exercising it: Do those simple things for your body, and in return it will be strong for you.

Be ardent about applying Systems Mindset rules-of-thumb like this one. Keep them front and center in your mind and apply them often.


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