Chapter 17

You Get to Keep Yourself

Carpenter_Systems_Comps_R6.inddWhat will I have to give up once the Systems Mindset embeds itself?

Your huge jump ahead begins with a simple tweak in root thinking. Again, this is not some gimmicky self-hypnosis routine or mind game that you lay over the top of your current perception of reality. The Systems Mindset drives downward, taking you closer to how the world actually mechanically functions.

To answer your question about having to give up something, I’ll ask you this question: If you become convinced you’ve been operating by a script that doesn’t accurately deal with reality, wouldn’t you happily discard that script in favor of a new approach that better addresses life as it really is? Remember, you’re not being coerced here: You’re going to make up your own mind.

When you “get” the gut-level Systems Mindset insight, you will be more aware than ever before. There is no way you’ll want to go back to your old script.

The Systems Mindset is a perspective. It doesn’t demand anything. It just is. Your new vantage point—outside and slightly elevated—will allow you to observe the precise machinery of your world, and you’ll know that it’s the machinery that must be tweaked. There’s nothing in these pages that suggests you should give up a hobby, go back to school, get a facelift, quit your job, or leave a relationship. But then again, in the course of navigating your new life, you may ultimately choose to do one or more of those things. Whatever happens, you’re not going to go off the deep end! Rather, you’ll be thinking with more clarity than ever before.

Calmly, yet assertively, you’re going to descend those steps into the basement to go to work on the machines that produce the results. Relax with it, do the work for a while, and see how it goes. Advance at your own pace, always knowing you’re not going to lose you.


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