Here’s a quick recommendation for Harry Browne’s book, How I found Freedom in an Unfree World.

There’s some bio here, too. But this is all about you: use my experience to find freedom in your own world.

Part One of Browne’s book is “mandatory reading if you have a pulse.” Parts Two and Three are essential too, but I’ve had to sift through a few points that don’t feel exactly right for me.

Browne’s central theme is the “sovereignty of self,” and how achieving that condition leads to personal freedom, no matter the outside constraining influences.

This third read-through of the book inspired me to do a quick evaluation of my own life after several years of loss: the death of my parents, a divorce, a couple of business ventures that went sour, two simultaneous lawsuits, and most recently, a grueling six month political campaign that led to a close defeat in a U.S. Senate Primary election. All of this was tough and I was exhausted…but I instantly took a different stance upon analyzing my life using Brown’s definition of freedom: “Freedom is living your life the way you want to live it.”

Interesting: despite the hard times and some wound-licking, I’m freer than anyone I know.

How, exactly, did I discover this? By taking things apart; by analyzing my life-components.

Here’s your take-away: using my outline as an example, create your own life-component evaluation. Where do you stand? How free are you?

Here’s the breakdown. I have:

  • no marriage contract or obligation (this is not an indictment of the institution of marriage. It’s just that, at this point in my life, I am not legally obligated in this way…)
  • no child-rearing obligations (Been there, done that. It was incredibly great, but my kids are grown up and happily on their own now)
  • no hostile legal entanglements (interesting that two separate multi-year lawsuits recently ended, both in my favor BTW)
  • more money than I require: my businesses are successful
  • unlimited time to do whatever I want: my businesses do not require me to be present
  • the ability to travel anywhere, anytime, and to stay as long as I wish
  • In business and personal life: huge equity, tiny debt
  • great personal health
  • awesome people surrounding me: business partners, managers and employees, family and friends. I have no “Drain People” in my life*
  • the house of my dreams: not too big, not to small, open and bright, great hilltop location
  • friends all over the world
  • nothing to hide from anyone

My former existence? Each of my life components were the opposite of what I list above.

So, today, looking down on my life from “outside and slightly elevated,” I find that I have precisely the conditions I’ve always wanted.

Will there be dark times ahead? Of course! Will I be able to handle those dark times? Yes! Bring it on!

How have I achieved this freedom – this personal sovereignty – in my personal life, in my businesses, and in my health, despite lots of personal mistakes as well as multiple outside hammer-blows? It’s because I decided what results I wanted and then I tended to the processes that would produce those results. This system-coddling is guided by my dogmatic pursuit of simplicity and point-of-sale action.

I don’t kill fires. I’m a fire prevention specialist.

The Work the System mantra? Automate-Delegate-Discard.

So the main point is this: your freedom doesn’t depend on your state-of-mind or your attitude or your good intentions. Your freedom depends on the machines you create and maintain. Your machines are mercenary: they don’t give a hoot about your hard times or how beat up you feel. All they care about is functioning in the way you set them up. Set them up right, and the hard-times will be minimalized, as you find yourself getting exactly what you want in your life.

The work the system methodology is described in both of my books: One for business owners; one for everyone else. Download them for free on this site.

And get Browne’s book. It’s a masterpiece.

P.S. So, what about your own list? Do it – break things down – and see what comes up.

P.P.S. We’re about to launch our ninth consecutive 120-day Transformational Group Coaching class. You might want to climb on board this session. It may be a while before we do another one.

*”Drain People?” Read Million Dollar Habits, by Robert Ringer. (Yes, also “mandatory reading.”)

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