Announcing : the ONLY Work the System live event in 2018

Transform Your Life
Scottsdale, Arizona
November 2nd & 3rd

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Building a business and life you love doesn’t
need to be so hard… does it?

Sign up today for the workshop experience that will mechanically transform your business and life in a way that nothing else can! This one-of-a-kind 2 day experience with Sam Carpenter and Josh Fonger will only happen once in 2018. Join a limited number of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to architect their future and master both their business and personal systems.



Where: Scottsdale, AZ (venue TBT)

When: 11/2/18 and 11/3/18

Who: Entrepreneurs and Business owners eager to master their business and life systems to bring them to the next level.

Why: Building a business and life and you love does not need to be so hard, when you know what you’re doing.  Most business owners slave away at their business for decades not going anywhere, meanwhile their personal life suffers.  You were put into this leadership position not just to survive, but to thrive!   This two day event will bring a life transformation that you can't get any other way.

How: On day one we are going to install a new mindset that will transform how you do business and equip you with the tools, processes, and a customized plan so that you can master your business systems.   You will have crystal clear clarity on what to do when you leave both the following day, week, month, and year in a pragmatic and executable plan.  On day two the exact same thing, but we'll be taking apart and reassembling your personal systems so that you can finally master them and align them with your Strategic Objective!





Sam Carpenter is an entrepreneur, author and business owner.

Sam’s primary business has been a classic telephone answering service (Centratel) in Bend, Oregon. He started the business in 1984.

His first 15 years were a nightmare of long workdays, no money, a broken marriage…and he found himself the custodial parent of his two small children, living in a tiny apartment. 

His workweeks over those 15 years were 80-100 hours long. Then, in 1999, physically and mentally exhausted, he hit a brick wall. He lay awake late one night, his life and business on the verge of ruin, when he suddenly had what he calls, a “mini-enlightenment.”

“In my mind, I floated up out of myself and got a bird’s-eye view of my life and business, down below. From this outside and slightly elevated perspective, it struck me like a bolt of lightning that my problems were the direct product of the unmanaged machinery – the unmanaged systems – of my life and business,” says Sam.

Gripped by this startling “systems mindset,” Sam embarked on a mission to perfect the machinery of his business and his personal life. One by one, Sam rebuilt each system until every single one was operating like a well-oiled machine. 

He discovered that a business, composed of a collection of super-efficient processes, would be super-efficient, too. 

He performed the same “system improvement” on his personal life, too, with the same immediate and permanent results.

Since that experience 18 years ago, he never works more than one hour a week on Centratel, his answering service business, and the quality of the product is unmatched: Centratel is ranked #1 in an industry with over 1,500 competitors nationally.  His bottom line? In excess of a 30% profit margin in what is considered a commodity industry with razor thin margins.

Sam describes the transformation in precise detail in his 2008 book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less. Now in the fifth printing of its third edition, the book guides business owners to see their organizations as orderly collections of individual linear systems, each of which can be improved and perfected by applying the "systems mindset" methodology. 





Josh Fonger is a consultant, coach, and speaker. He has earned a reputation as being one of the world’s top consultants and coaches who has the unique ability of developing, and implementing, systematic solutions to complex business problems.

His consulting firm, Work the System (WTS) Enterprises, has attracted over 100,000 business owners from over 50 countries. Josh has personally consulted or coached over 500 business owners from more than 100 industries, from small startup businesses to large $500M enterprises.

Josh has been recognized as the authority in Business Performance Architecture. Due to his phenomenal success rate, and a mountain of client testimonials, he has quickly become one of the most in-demand small business consultants in North America.

His forte, which is helping businesses properly organize and systematize their operations so they can achieve exponential growth, has resulted in hundreds of success stories from around the world. Many of Josh’s clients acknowledge that his ideas and coaching have led to millions of dollars in profit increase. 

Josh met Sam Carpenter in 2011 after reading Sam’s book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less. Josh partnered with Sam after recognizing that they shared a common vision of helping business owners get unstuck by developing systematic solutions to their problems. “There is nobody in the world who is better equipped at helping business owners implement the WTS Methodology than Josh,” says Sam Carpenter.

Josh graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s in architecture before getting his MBA from Arizona State University. When he’s not coaching or consulting to business owners, Josh enjoys setting up “personal systems” to maximize his time with his wife and three boys.

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