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Where’s Waldo?

February 21, 2014

My alternate subject line was ”Silence Breeds Paranoia.” (Sorry about the bit of wind noise in this video. I’m on the back deck of my house in Bend.) Sudden silence that is sharply out of context with the established flow of past communications, is a statement in itself. Is the “silence statement” deliberate? Is it […]

Thinking is a process and it’s too often a scary thing to behold. Who knows what will come up next? And when uncontrolled negative thoughts start to cycle, one after the other, it’s like finding yourself in a bad neighborhood. Best to find your way to a better part of town….

I’ve worked hard to distill the essential elements of the Method into just one essay. Here it is. System Improvement is Your Solution In books on the subject of achieving business/life success there are two classic approaches: Do certain physical things – follow the  recommended tips – and life will be swell Perform certain crisis-management/brain-teaser […]