Systems Mindset

Back in Bend after some time in Southern California, I talk about NOT setting goals. It’s better to focus time and money in specific directions. I mention the blog post I wrote a few months back, entitled Clustering.

In this video I give a quick review of the crazy-diversity of the groups I spoke to last week. I also discuss several billionaires and their single secret to success: although they probably couldn’t put it into words, they know, deep inside, that achieving success “is all about the machinery, and not about individual attributes.”

Thinking is a process and it’s too often a scary thing to behold. Who knows what will come up next? And when uncontrolled negative thoughts start to cycle, one after the other, it’s like finding yourself in a bad neighborhood. Best to find your way to a better part of town….

I’ve worked hard to distill the essential elements of the Method into just one essay. Here it is. System Improvement is Your Solution In books on the subject of achieving business/life success there are two classic approaches: Do certain physical things – follow the  recommended tips – and life will be swell Perform certain crisis-management/brain-teaser […]

Ask yourself what it would be like to get through each day without the need for any mood adjusters. I call that, life cold turkey…. So, to review the main point of the first Caffeine post: lack of sleep promotes caffeine addiction.  It’s that old vicious-circle thing. The circle is created and then propelled by the desire to quickly […]