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Late last Thursday evening a friend and I watched The Matrix. Larry and Andy Wachowski’s film masterpiece, it was my fourth viewing . Watching it yet again was as epic as my first viewing back in 1999 and so, Friday morning, I back-burnered today’s scheduled post and wrote this one instead.

In this video I give a quick review of the crazy-diversity of the groups I spoke to last week. I also discuss several billionaires and their single secret to success: although they probably couldn’t put it into words, they know, deep inside, that achieving success “is all about the machinery, and not about individual attributes.”


January 1, 2014

A Counter-Intuitive Source for Clear Thinking Employees 1/14/2014 (Updated 11/21/2015) by Sam Carpenter  Two simple mechanical facts: Employees who can’t think straight, make errors. Businesses that don’t drug test will stumble because of this…. A number of our Centratel employees are participants in substance addiction recovery groups. For the last few years we’ve been actively seeking new […]

Ask yourself what it would be like to get through each day without the need for any mood adjusters. I call that, life cold turkey…. So, to review the main point of the first Caffeine post: lack of sleep promotes caffeine addiction.  It’s that old vicious-circle thing. The circle is created and then propelled by the desire to quickly […]


October 11, 2013

From: Sam Carpenter Bend, OR December, 2019 Dear Business Owner, Are you spending too much time and energy fighting fires and dealing with chaos in your business? Do you wish you could finally make the leap from being self-employed to being an actual business owner so you can stop owning a job and start owning […]