Personal Control


October 11, 2013

From: Sam Carpenter Bend, OR September, 2019 Dear Business Owner, Are you spending too much time and energy fighting fires and dealing with chaos in your business? Do you wish you could finally make the leap from being self-employed to being an actual business owner so you can stop owning a job and start owning […]

The lament is incessant, and it’s often about work although not always. Day-in and day-out we chastise ourselves: “I need to expend less time doing _______ , in order to expend more time doing ________.”  We regret not paying more attention to family, hobbies, recreating, exercising…or doing some other work than the work we’re actually doing. It’s subtle […]

Hammer Time

November 3, 2011

I’m writing this because Chris Ducker put a bug in my ear, via a recent post to his own subscribers, that maybe some of you might be interested in my typical daily routine. There are two routines really, very different from each other, and I love them both as they are exactly as I have designed […]

The Third Edition of Work the System will be released in June. I’m making literally thousands of small improvements throughout, mostly grammatical corrections/improvements, sentence structure tweaks and clarifications. The book has 21 chapters and I’m only up to Chapter 6, with nearly 600 revisions so far. I’ll be done with the major-face-lift in another couple of weeks and then it will go to the […]

Theodore Dalrymple The post I put up on September 9th was a quick review of an article discussing the media’s current enrapture with sentimentality. The piece was gripping, written by Theodore Dalrymple. (That’s his pen name. His real name is Anthony Daniels). Since then I’ve spent some time finding out more about this British psychiatrist […]

I’m writing this post because the one I published last week had some problems. Last Wednesday, the day after I emailed Choose the Red Pill to my subscriber list, I read through it and found several grammatical errors and some clumsy paragraphs. Also, I thought it was too complex as well as a bit melodramatic […]

No matter how much your reach expands, there is always something just outside of its range that you long to be able to grasp. -Anonymous I’ve been reading Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). A “Behaviorist” psychologist, he is famous for his Hierarchy of Needs theory. The theory is pretty much explained by the illustration I show here. […]


January 19, 2010

The trauma in Haiti is horrible. And not too long ago there was the earthquake nightmare in Pakistan/Azad Kashmir, and just before that, the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Major loss-of-life tragedies of this sort are the predictable result of natural catastrophe combined with non-existent building code, social safety net and security/police systems.

(An Excerpt From Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less) My chassis was a wreck. Ten years ago, in the depths of my workplace chaos, I was also dealing with a very sick body and an exhausted mind. I was delirious during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. My doctor […]

Sam Kirkaldie, age 18, bull rider in national rodeo competition in Louisiana. 1958 A Bull Rider’s Life, Part 2 of 2 So, here’s the second part of my interview with Sam Kirkaldie, my friend and business partner who turned 70 in mid October. As you read this, note what was important, where time was spent, and what […]