Personal Control

Do you have an addiction?  I sure did!  It was caffeine and over the years I kicked the habit twice, and I’d like to share with you my tricks for doing it (using two separate approaches which were equally successful).  It involves the business-oriented Work the System Methodology applied to personal life.  If you’re interested, check out […]

Do it Now

September 18, 2014

In this video I talk about the Do it Now principle and how it’s changed my life AND HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOURS. Watch the video carefully.

Back in Bend after some time in Southern California, I talk about NOT setting goals. It’s better to focus time and money in specific directions. I mention the blog post I wrote a few months back, entitled Clustering.


January 1, 2014

A Counter-Intuitive Source for Clear Thinking Employees 1/14/2014 (Updated 11/21/2015) by Sam Carpenter  Two simple mechanical facts: Employees who can’t think straight, make errors. Businesses that don’t drug test will stumble because of this…. A number of our Centratel employees are participants in substance addiction recovery groups. For the last few years we’ve been actively seeking new […]

Thinking is a process and it’s too often a scary thing to behold. Who knows what will come up next? And when uncontrolled negative thoughts start to cycle, one after the other, it’s like finding yourself in a bad neighborhood. Best to find your way to a better part of town….

I’ve worked hard to distill the essential elements of the Method into just one essay. Here it is. System Improvement is Your Solution In books on the subject of achieving business/life success there are two classic approaches: Do certain physical things – follow the  recommended tips – and life will be swell Perform certain crisis-management/brain-teaser […]

“As the excuses line themselves up…ask, “Why am I being cowardly in this moment? Why am I being a sissy?” It’s a bit of twisted psychology that rattles the cage and invokes passionate reaction.” -From the Chapter, “Quiet Courage,” from the third edition of “Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.”

Ask yourself what it would be like to get through each day without the need for any mood adjusters. I call that, life cold turkey…. So, to review the main point of the first Caffeine post: lack of sleep promotes caffeine addiction.  It’s that old vicious-circle thing. The circle is created and then propelled by the desire to quickly […]

My mechanical perspective on life drives me to cut-to-the bone conclusions. So here’s the disclaimer for this three-part post: I don’t care if you drink coffee or not. I have nothing to sell you here. It’s your life (and I say this without a shred of sarcasm). This topic personally intrigues me and some people […]

Theodore Dalrymple The post I put up on September 9th was a quick review of an article discussing the media’s current enrapture with sentimentality. The piece was gripping, written by Theodore Dalrymple. (That’s his pen name. His real name is Anthony Daniels). Since then I’ve spent some time finding out more about this British psychiatrist […]