Getting It

2/25/2011 Dear Sam: I have been busy in Vietnam.  I just re-read “Work the System” and I took a few notes along the way. When reading the book I immediately noticed the platform you built your strategies upon.  That is unlike a book the City of Portland gave to managers called: “Reinventing Government.”  That book took […]

Silver Dollars

February 9, 2011

It’s 12:35 am Tuesday morning and I’m suddenly wide awake, sitting up in bed in our home in Bend, Oregon, while Linda is sound asleep in our apartment in Seattle. She drove up there four days ago to visit family and she’s coming back today.

It’s Sunday morning and Linda and I are in an Airbus, 38,000 feet above Greenland, headed west at 600mph. Early this morning we hopped from London over to Paris and now are settled in for this 10+ hour flight from Paris back to Seattle. Nine time zones total. Linda sits sleeping next to me cocooned in a […]

Linda and I are in a London hotel as I write this. It’s 1:00am Wednesday morning. We arrived here early this afternoon. It was a twelve hour flight over nine time zones from Seattle to Paris, and then one hour and one zone back to London.

Gnaw at It

January 6, 2011

I’m reading A Journey, Tony Blair’s autobiography. It’s been fascinating, delving into UK politics  (and an extra burst of enthusiasm is due to our upcoming week in London for business). Much of the first part of the book is about tedious local politics but within the narration lie gems. Here’s Blair talking about Derry Irvine, his Barrister-mentor in the early […]

_____________________________________ (Photo courtesy Here it is, from the 1949 movie The Fountainhead, based on the book by Ayn Rand. Gary Cooper is Howard Roark. A masterpiece! Roark talks about the single individual’s passionate urge to invent and create, the urge that relentlessly drives humankind forward. He contrasts this almost ardent desire with an embedded human trait that just as ferventy strives to kill innovation and individual glory. Relevant […]

“It would be a good thing if you would stand naked in front of my people.” – John Pistole, TSA Administrator, paraphrased, on last Friday’s nightly news. ______________________________ An individual’s tolerance level can be shifted quickly and dramatically if a compelling enough stimulus is provided. The same holds for huge swaths of a culture’s population.

On the front porch on a balmy Fall afternoon: Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Bend, Oregon. We’re back in Bend now, relieved to be home after three weeks on the east coast. It was a perfect vacation, to recharge and regain perspective. Without routine breaks the mind crawls inward and that’s not healthy. (Yes, I wrote […]

In the better hotels, what’s with this soft electronica/chill music? The new and much improved muzak, it gently throbs away here at the Hotel Saint-Sulpice in Montreal as I write this piece late Tuesday morning.  Linda and I sit together near the fireplace in the lobby. The magnificent Notre-Dame Basilica is right next to the […]

It’s 5:00am on the last day of September and I’m at the Adirondak Loj near Lake Placid, New York. Removing ones elf from the regular routine of daily life and relationships is the fast and easy way to gain new perspective, to get “outside and slightly elevated.” (Yes, many would label this, “vacation”.)