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Where’s Waldo?

February 21, 2014

My alternate subject line was ”Silence Breeds Paranoia.” (Sorry about the bit of wind noise in this video. I’m on the back deck of my house in Bend.) Sudden silence that is sharply out of context with the established flow of past communications, is a statement in itself. Is the “silence statement” deliberate? Is it […]

Where is Sam?

February 5, 2014

This mini-documentary was put together by Yanik Silver’s team and for the exclusive Maverick1000 Mastermind group. It gives some background on me, my consulting business partner Josh Fonger, and covers the Systems Mindset in an interesting way. It was filmed last November, simultaneously in Palm Springs, California and Bend, Oregon.


January 1, 2014

A Counter-Intuitive Source for Clear Thinking Employees 1/14/2014 (Updated 11/21/2015) by Sam Carpenter  Two simple mechanical facts: Employees who can’t think straight, make errors. Businesses that don’t drug test will stumble because of this…. A number of our Centratel employees are participants in substance addiction recovery groups. For the last few years we’ve been actively seeking new […]

Are we living in the Land of Oz? I can’t believe I have to point this out. But see it or not, there’s an elephant in the living room. Let’s talk about it. I’m tired of listening to the sanctimonious moaning of those who believe that making a profit is immoral. I ran into it in Europe, big-time, […]


October 11, 2013

From: Sam Carpenter Bend, OR December, 2019 Dear Business Owner, Are you spending too much time and energy fighting fires and dealing with chaos in your business? Do you wish you could finally make the leap from being self-employed to being an actual business owner so you can stop owning a job and start owning […]

The systems insight arrived because I was under enormous mental and physical pressure. Until that late-night revelation, my strategy was to approach life with a bulldog, damn-the-torpedoes, pound-the moles, I’m-so-damn-clever persona. It was a toxic brew of arrogance and ignorance—perhaps the most noxious combination of negative human traits. The seething chaos had reared up and […]

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