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February 5, 2014

This mini-documentary was put together by Yanik Silver’s team and for the exclusive Maverick1000 Mastermind group. It gives some background on me, my consulting business partner Josh Fonger, and covers the Systems Mindset in an interesting way. It was filmed last November, simultaneously in Palm Springs, California and Bend, Oregon.


January 1, 2014

A Counter-Intuitive Source for Clear Thinking Employees 1/14/2014 (Updated 11/21/2015) by Sam Carpenter  Two simple mechanical facts: Employees who can’t think straight, make errors. Businesses that don’t drug test will stumble because of this…. A number of our Centratel employees are participants in substance addiction recovery groups. For the last few years we’ve been actively seeking new […]

I’ve worked hard to distill the essential elements of the Method into just one essay. Here it is. System Improvement is Your Solution In books on the subject of achieving business/life success there are two classic approaches: Do certain physical things – follow the  recommended tips – and life will be swell Perform certain crisis-management/brain-teaser […]


October 11, 2013

From: Sam Carpenter Bend, OR June, 2019 Dear Business Owner, Are you spending too much time and energy fighting fires and dealing with chaos in your business? Do you wish you could finally make the leap from being self-employed to being an actual business owner so you can stop owning a job and start owning […]

The Third Edition of Work the System will be released in June. I’m making literally thousands of small improvements throughout, mostly grammatical corrections/improvements, sentence structure tweaks and clarifications. The book has 21 chapters and I’m only up to Chapter 6, with nearly 600 revisions so far. I’ll be done with the major-face-lift in another couple of weeks and then it will go to the […]

It’s Sunday morning and Linda and I are in an Airbus, 38,000 feet above Greenland, headed west at 600mph. Early this morning we hopped from London over to Paris and now are settled in for this 10+ hour flight from Paris back to Seattle. Nine time zones total. Linda sits sleeping next to me cocooned in a […]

In examining a primary system via the simple logic of the systems mindset, there is no room for ideological menus or self-serving rationalizations as these influences lie outside the system itself. Unemotional, non-partisan fact: In the United States, thirty million businesses are hoarding cash, dramatically slowing overall economic activity. The same business contraction can be seen elsewhere around the world.

When you personally “get” the systems mindset, you’ll notice others who have it too. Let’s talk about a profitable business model that is as systems-mindset oriented as any I have seen. It’s Bikram Yoga.

The other title I considered for this post was “Acres of Diamonds.” If you haven’t read this classic late 19th century speech by Russell Conwell, you should. The above version is abridged but the unabridged version is very much worth the ten minutes it takes to read.

I’m writing this post because the one I published last week had some problems. Last Wednesday, the day after I emailed Choose the Red Pill to my subscriber list, I read through it and found several grammatical errors and some clumsy paragraphs. Also, I thought it was too complex as well as a bit melodramatic […]