Case Studies

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Case Studies

Yanik SilverWork The System will change your life.

Ryan LeeOne word: Awesome!

Perry MarshallMandatory reading. Work The System liberates…

Joe VitaleOne of the most profoundly useful books I have read.

Vishen LakhianiWork the System is integral to the operation. Simple and powerful… essential reading for the CEO.

Anthony CodispotiRead this NOW. Not next week. Read it NOW. Today. NOW.

John Spencer EllisTo design your ideal life, this is a must-read.

Jerry McNellisI spent $12k with Michael Gerber and received more from the price of this book than the $12k.

Josh KaufmanOne of the most useful business books you’ll ever read.

John WaltersUp there with the greats, in the same company with 7 Habits and Emotional Intelligence.

Kevin WilkeOne of the all-time best business books I’ve read.

ChrisSimply a must-have.

Colleen WainwrightYou were a huge catalyst in moving me out of stasis and toward a solution.

Fernado MarchadoJust buy it. You won’t regret it.

Mike KoenigsGreat book, Sam! I’m impressed by your heart, transparency and writing style. Excellent work.

E. McLeaod-JonesThere are very few books I’ve read that have given me such a rewarding sense of seeing the world in a different light.

Colin MillsQuite simply the best management book I’ve read.

Tim MaxwellTruly enlightening. The simple concepts in this book absolutely ring true.

Kevin WilkeThe book has profoundly changed my business and my life.

Golden LionBetter than “Good to Great,” the next best-seller business book.

Tom CoxWork The System is a life-change, affecting every aspect of any business.

David JarrettCarpenter explains and illustrates his precepts with a profound simplicity that resonates.

Spencer SchockSam’s book is literally a life-saver.

AleciaquThis is the answer to most of the challenges that business owners face.

Mark BauerleinWork The System maps a deep adjustment plan for freeing up time for the meaningful things in life.

Evan FoldsI found myself nodding my head continually through this book.

Anthony Ortiz…the business book of the decade, Sam puts into words what most authors/entrepreneurs understand only in theory.

LisaSam’s command of words is awesome!

Josef BrandenburgAs an entrepreneur this is one of the most profound and important books I have ever read .

Angelina SwansonI can leave town and rest assured that things won’t fall apart.

Rick DanielWhy does the mind resist taking simple steps?

Steve BurnsSome books will change your mind; this book will change your life if you apply what it teaches.

G.W.Very vivid detail captivates this reader. Well done indeed!

Bere W. LindleyI regard Work The System as the most profound business book I have read yet.

B. SmithI liked The E-Myth, but I love this. Michael Gerber had a good glimmer of what Sam Carpenter propounds.

Bruce ColemanIt’s uplifting to see the good side of life promoted.

Thomas CoxThe best book, by far, for anybody looking to improve a business (or any organization).

Robert MorrisIt’s a superb investment because the end product will be freedom, a relaxed persona, and plenty of money.

Steve BurnsSam Carpenter has brought all the main principles that will lead to success together in one book.

Keisha…a beacon of light in the midst of a sea of self-help/business gurus who are nothing more than savvy speakers with a tagline.

Manish PunjabiWork The System is a philosophy, a way of life, a mindset, and a direct path to more time and money.

John WaltersUp there with the greats.

Eric P. WilliamsIf you want to eventually sell your business, read this book and implement its ideas.

Atukwe NewellThe concepts are worth more than a Harvard Business Degree.

ChrisSimply a must-have.

Lisa St. JohnIf “more money/less work” is your mantra – read this book.

OnlineRobWork The System is fundamental and simple in its approach, life changing in its results.

Robert PattersonThis book changes the way you see the world.

Darus TrutnaIt’s been a blast and the future looks bright!

Manish PunjabiAfter reading the book I felt like I could do anything.

DienAt the risk of sounding like a gushing teenager, I love your book!

Susanna HutchesonThis book is a life-saver.

Michael JansEveryone familiar with Michael Gerber’s E Myth will appreciate how this book takes the same premises and delivers a practical action plan that works.

Humberto GonzalezWork The System started a cultural revolution in my business.

Darrin ClementThis book transformed my organization.

Jim EstillOne way I judge if a book is good is if I actually take action as a result of reading it. I love this book and have taken action.

RobertI heard about Sam’s book, and the rest is history…

Randy GivenSam speaks from personal experience and it’s obvious he’s “one of us,” not some scholar generating yet another book.

Mark B. ChristensenI’ve always heard that you should work ON your business, instead of IN your business. However, nobody ever told you HOW you should do that. Until now.

LisaMOST EXCELLENT BOOK! I love it, and you have made it entertaining.

Jason RigbyThis book will change the way you look at your life!

David LindstromThis book has literally changed the way we, at our house, think about life and work.

Zeya“Getting it” means being calm and at peace with myself and my surroundings.

Julie KingOne key difference between Gerber’s book and Work The System is that Carpenter outlines a very clear way to implement systems.

Susan L. SolovicYou absolutely must read this book. The information the author shares is real world stuff – not academic theory.

Davey MoyersSam Carpenter takes us on a journey from business despair to redemption, and upward.

A. GilbertI read approximately 20 business books a year. Work The System may be the most influential yet! Amazing! SO PRAGMATIC and APPLICABLE!

William T. HarrisonFor the inspirational value alone, this book is a must-read for every business owner and entrepreneur.

RobertTruly a great book.

Luke A. MoschIf you think your business can benefit from organization, efficiency and predictability, then you need to read this book.

Charles M. Lewis…the difference it’s making in our business is amazing. I recommend this book to any struggling entrepreneur.

Robert SchmittAfter reading “Work The System,” I can see many different ways to eliminate the harried schedule with which I am constantly faced.

GaryRUN to your computer and order this wonderful book.

Chue Kum KeeThis is a must-read for every business owner. Period.

Matthew F. KleinThis is a must read for anyone who expects to manage teams and processes, and maintain a life outside of work.

Eric N HardenbrookI appreciate authors who can effectively share a life changing experience that they’ve had and Sam has done just that.

Arnold J. Whitaker “Engipreneur”Work The System takes the systems-driven approach presented in the “E-Myth” and actually shows you how to do it. Simply awesome!

J. Cameron-SmithI recommend this book to anyone who is looking at ways of exerting control.

CalebOutstanding book. It is a wonderful perspective on getting the most out of work and life. Highly recommended.

J. KOLENDABefore completing the book the first time, I had already stopped reading long enough to begin my own process of writing critical procedures.

ChoosetodayWork The System hit the mark! It is right up there with The E-Myth Revisited as a must-read.

T. HansenIf you have a business, you need to read this book and implement these ideas.

Oland GriffisWork The System is a great “how to” manual for creating the solid framework on which to build a successful business.

Melange Salon Spa ElderBefore I was even done reading it, this book recaptured over a dozen hours a week for me.

Andi FreemanI liked Gerber’s book however, Work The System actually explains the “how to.”

LaFern CusackEvery business and organization should place Work The System in their system requirements for employment.

Brian S. FreitagWhat a great book! I have used it to introduce my team to the idea that if you systematize processes, you can then use your time and talents to solve problems and generate new business ideas.

Richard DobbsI applied the Work The System methodology to my health and I am in the best shape of my life.

CustomerOnce life’s systems are illuminated, one can begin to understand and modify the workings to achieve any desired result.

David JarretWork The System is a quiet, understated revolution …highly recommended if your days are spinning out of control.

M. StareWork The System will provide a profound insight.

Steve MonteI read this book several times. It’s that good.

ShelleyA book to get your life in order. It works with your personal life and your professional life.

Matt PhillipsIn Work The System Sam shows us how our lives and businesses are affected and controlled by systems, and how these can be improved upon.

RustythevibeguyI use this book as reference as I slowly seek to apply its principles to my own business. Well worth reading.

Mark D. ModestiRead this book for an appreciation of systems and then Work your System!

Tom AdamsReading this book helped me to see the value and methodologies to create multiple plans for all the processes within my business.

BuggsFocusing on how to make something better creates a subtle, yet powerful paradigm shift in how to approach life.

SeanIf you are in charge of your time (as an entrepreneur or autonomous employee) test these methods for yourself and see what happens!

MorganGet this book only if you want to free up time, waste less energy, and be more focused.

Dave F.If you want to become more productive and stop fire killing and chaos, I recommend this book.

RottmanjMr Carpenter’s fascination with systems is contagious.

Robert D. CraneA great book to have in your reference library and to revisit regularly.

Tim MaxwellWhether seeking to improve the day to day operations of your business, or simply seeking to improve your social relations within your personal life; Sam Carpenter’s Work The System is an absolute must read.

A. RobsonEven if you implement a quarter of the things Sam suggests then you will have gained valuable hours of your life back.

Brennan MorrowI regained a freedom I had not known for years.

Caleb ConnorThe elevated perspective was a really great visual for me.

Damian RuseFor me it wasn’t strictly about hours worked, but about efficiency in the hours I did work, and reducing time outside of work for more important things.

David HollidayI’m DEFINITELY re-energized! I’ve identified an essentially untouched market that’s worth a lot.

Ed FremantleI’ve experienced improvements in all areas of my life and consider Work The System to be one of the major contributing factors.

Geoff BriggsI like the concept of working on small subsystems one at a time, and not worrying about the whole. Working each subsystem, the whole takes care of itself.

John LongWork The System reinforced my belief in implementing impersonal solutions to increase productivity and performance.

John SummersWe joke with our employees every time someone makes a mistake; instead of saying “you screwed up” we say there is a “failure in your system!”

Louis Fernando ImperatorI don’t dread doing my work anymore because it’s so easy and effortless.

Manuel BaptistaNow I have the insight to create a smoother running, seamless business that can be duplicated from town to town.

Matt Torney…priceless benefits! With every bit of progress working the system, I gain back more of my mental focus & energy, lower my stress, sleep more and worry less.

Michael KempThe clarity of purpose happens rapidly and within a matter of weeks positive changes occur.

Rob HanlyI’d never been able to fully understand the idea of systems and how to make them effective – I had a rough understanding, but it was the subtle nuances that made the differences.

Rob SaundersSam: The seed of your idea had been germinating inside me for years now, and you fast-forwarded that growing process by bringing it out into the sunshine.

Robert LauridsenAs you predicted, I now see and assess systems wherever I am.

Sherry GriffinFor the first time in my working life I feel the confidence to take the initiative and develop systems.

Simon BirrellOne of the pieces that “Work The System” gave me that good books like “E-myth” and “4-Hour Work Week” didn’t , was a methodology.

Steve MonteI didn’t “get it” until I read this book.

Antonio Lucena de FariaWork The System had such an impact that I decided to dedicate last year to creating a new business, 100% focused on what Sam talks about in “Work The System”.

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