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Buzz & Reviews

“Distraction, diversion, and overwork are the keywords of modern life, and to Sam Carpenter they add up to years of fruitless effort and unsatisfying outcomes. Work the System maps a different strategy, a deep adjustment plan for making more minutes count, and freeing up more time for the meaningful things in life.”

– Mark Bauerlein, author of The Dumbest Generation

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“As a business owner in a similar financial and time circumstance as Sam when he began his journey, this book was especially appropriate to my life and opened my eyes. The systems approach fostered a minimalist approach to my choices in business and I haven’t been the same since. What The 4-Hour Workweek lacked in direction, Work the System clearly defines.”

– Darryl Parker, Parker Web Marketing, Charlotte, NC

“Sam Carpenter brings together the practices of the biggest and best companies to help you succeed in your business.”

– Rich Sloan, co-founder of

“I am always looking for guests who are genuine, consistent, and have a message or tips that my viewers will really be able to relate to and use. Sam has all those qualities and more. I think his enthusiasm about wanting to help people change their lives whether that’s personal or business comes across every time. I loved having Sam on the program and look forward to his next appearance.”

– Kristi Miller, Host/Executive Producer, Good Morning Central Oregon

“Sam’s system definitely radiated with our listeners who own businesses or who are looking for ways to improve quality and performance in their workplace. I learned a lot from speaking with Sam and I look forward to having him on the show again!”

– LaFern Watkins, Co-Host and Producer, ESPN 710 AM Los Angeles

“Sam clarifies the essential steps needed to replace overload with control, and reduce complexity with the power and genius of simplicity. Maximize results while working less every week!”

– Nancy Hagan, Executive Productivity Coach, Effective Executive

Work the System is a reality check for business owners who are struggling to grow their businesses. Filled with wisdom and insight, this book will help you identify critical changes needed in your business operations in order to accelerate your business growth.”

– Susan Solovic, CEO, Small Business Television

“Sam clearly paves a path for anyone ready to move from chaos and heroism to order and productivity, from long hours and low pay to a comfortable work week and a profitable company. The number one need I’ve found among business owners is for greater control, and Sam provides the step-by-step instructions for getting there. Follow Sam’s path and your business will become orderly, disciplined, repeatable and profitable. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

– Thomas Cox, founder of Cox Business Consulting

“What Sam Carpenter teaches will revolutionize your business. Other people preach about using systems to run your business, Sam has the tools that will do it for you.”

– Michael Jans, President of Insurance Profit Systems

“Work the System enables you to seize tangible examples of what works and tweak them for your organization. I can’t tell you how much time it has saved me!”

– Eric D. Patrick, Consumers Insurance Agency

“I loved having Sam on our show. He was great!”

– Natalie Tysdal, CW2 Morning News, Denver, CO