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(Go here to read the Introduction to the series.) The Point of Sale concept is integral to the nine other Systems Mindset concepts that will follow. Ultimately, getting solid control of one’s life is the goal and the Point of Sale posture is an essential ingredient in pulling that off…. Point of Sale The Point of Sale (POS) principle has always been […]

Over the next weeks, I’m going to cover ten Systems Mindset concepts that have significantly improved my life over the past two years. Some of them are brand new, developed after Work the System’s last revision, which was just one year ago. Others will be familiar but I’ll give you a fresh update. The Point […]

The Consummate Formula So, the work the system Method is based on a simple premise that I call the Systems Mindset: the gut-level awareness that life is a collection of systems, each of which produces some kind of tangible result. If you agree with that proposition, you’ll find the following explanation interesting, especially because you […]

In this video I discuss: The new audio recording of the book is finished and uploaded!  You can download it here. (it’s free):  If you also want the updated book in PDF, you can get it at no charge at the above link, too Christmas gift? For U.S. delivery only: A great deal on the newest […]

Do you have an addiction?  I sure did!  It was caffeine and over the years I kicked the habit twice, and I’d like to share with you my tricks for doing it (using two separate approaches which were equally successful).  It involves the business-oriented Work the System Methodology applied to personal life.  If you’re interested, check out […]

Do it Now

September 18, 2014

In this video I talk about the Do it Now principle and how it’s changed my life AND HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOURS. Watch the video carefully.

Below you will find details of the live training (login info is on the bottom). After we record these 3 training webinar sessions, we’ll package them up and have them for sale on OR join us for the live sessions and be a part of their creation at no cost! The sessions are as […]

You are the one with the great lifestyle but, on the road, lousy interpersonal communication with those back home will compromise everything you have accomplished. Be cavalier about it and you will lose your colleagues and your customers. Because you are on-the-fly and often in different time zones, it’s up to you to make up […]

If you have been thinking about taking the leap to join the One-on-One Coaching program, now is the time. Here is what you will get … 1. Weekly one-on-one training calls with Josh Fonger – He has been with me since the beginning and has worked on every WTS transformation that we have ever done. […]

Following is an excerpt from the upcoming 4th printing of the Third Edition of Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less. It has to do with the systems mindset and the miracle of the world’s workings.-sc