WTS Fundamentals

WTS Fundamentals – Creating true freedom for business owners!

What is the secret to making more and working less? Exactly what is the key documentation and operational structure necessary to make your company grow without you always having to be there? Here are three live-recorded webinars that have been specifically designed to help business owners make the paradigm shift necessary to create true freedom in their lives…and to build the necessary foundational documentation to make it a permanent reality.

So what do I get?

WTS Fundamentals (Live recorded webinars)

Session 1. The systems Mindset: In this session we’ll explain not only what the Systems Mindset is, but also how it can be applied to your business and life in order to produce extraordinary results. This has been the key to Sam’s success and the success of all of our coaching and consulting clients. If you don’t “get it” yet, then you need to watch this session to make the mindset shift that will change your life forever.

WTS Fundamentals Session 1

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Session 2. Foundational Documentation: Watch this session and see in detail how the Strategic Objective and General Operating Principles must be created, and how to leverage them for rapid scalable business growth. We’ll also give you the cheat sheet we use with high end consulting and coaching clients.

Strategic Objective Template 1
Strategic Objective Template 2

WTS Fundamentals Session 2

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Session 3. “How to” Document Processes: In this session we’ll go over the essential “how to” template. Watch this session and get the template as well as find out why each component of this document is critical to your business success. With this template you’ll be able to delegate quickly and easily.

How to Template (PDF)
How to Template (DOC)


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