Traditional Business Owners

Traditional Business Owners

A message from Sam Carpenter:

June 1, 2017

Welcome to our website!

Note that I operate a “traditional” business just like yours. It’s-bricks and-mortar” with staff, products, services and a healthy online presence: the works! And I’ve had this business for thirty years. It’s a “laboratory” of sorts, and we use all of the protocols and methodologies I describe in my book and on this website.

I also operate a half dozen other small businesses, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Here, you won’t find theory or intellectual blather. The Work the System Method is business and life management based on simple real-world mechanics: how the parts operate; how they fit together; how they’re sequenced. It’s going below the surface to see — and then manage — the processes that produce the results. There’s nothing mysterious about it.

Here are a few points/premises that I think will interest you

  • The world, and each of our lives, is a collection of independent systems, not a confused mass of sights, sounds and events
  • Every condition in your life, this moment, was preceded by one of these linear step-by-step systems
  • Creating our futures, these processes are executing right now, whether we see them, or not…
  • In order to create the results we want we must manage these processes
  • Yes, we are ultimately interested in results. However, results are byproducts of the systems we choose to either manage or ignore

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Thanks again!

-Sam Carpenter