Online Business Owners

Online Business Owners

A message from Sam Carpenter:

June 1, 2017

Welcome online (or “virtual”) business owner. I’m glad you’ve found my website. I wrote this overview to give you an introduction to my company and the Work the System Method.

Note that I operate a “traditional” bricks and mortar business but with a significant online presence. I also own several purely “online” businesses with a significant staff of full time digital marketing and full-time customer staff specializing in social media marketing, search engine optimization, online educational and business products, and mobile product development. We don’t outsource our online work, but have full-time staff onsite in both our HQ offices in Bend, Oregon, USA, and in our brand new international office in Oradea, Romania.

Our most popular offering is Group and Individual Coaching, and we do it as an offshoot of the actual “laboratory” of the various businesses we operate: we actually use the services we offer, both online and traditional bricks and mortar.

Here, you won’t find theory or intellectual blather. The Work the System Method is business and life management based on simple real-world mechanics: how the parts operate; how they fit together; how they’re sequenced. It’s going below the surface to see — and then manage — the processes that produce the results. There’s nothing mysterious about it. This is about gaining a more precise view of how the world mechanically functions and then using that better information to create the desired life-situation… We work with you so you can guide your online business to where you’ve always known it could go!

No more long anxious hours. No more anemic bottom line. All the right moves will stem from a one-time “tweak” in how you see your world. Yes, thousands of people have found freedom by going “one layer deeper.” The Work the System Method is the simple yet potent path to seizing control of your work and life; to creating plenty of time and money so you can relax …and “get what you want”! Realizing a solid profit while being able to get away any time you feel like it, spending lots of relaxed time with family and friends, and most importantly (because it’s at the root of any honest success), creating real value for those around you.

All this is possible once you internalize the “systems mindset” and then assertively manage the processes of your life.

It’s simple mechanics! I explain this potently effective way of managing business – and living life – in the fourth printing of the third edition of my book, Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less which, because of a special arrangement with my publisher, I’m able to give away in PDF and audio form.

If you haven’t already, on the front page of this site, just provide us your first name and email address and we’ll send you a return email with instructions on how to download the eBook. And then, in another email that we’ll send to you the next day, we’ll give you instructions on how to download the audio version. Here are some “systems mindset” observations that I discuss in my book:

  • The world, and each of our lives, is a collection of independent systems, not a confused mass of sights, sounds and events
  • Every condition in your life, this moment, was preceded by one of these linear step-by-step systems
  • Creating our futures, these processes are executing right now, whether we see them, or not…
  • In order to create the results we want we must manage these processes
  • Yes, we are ultimately interested in results. However, results are byproducts of the systems we choose to either manage or ignore
  • Leaders tend to over-think, increasing complexity. Let’s back off, to create a simple plan based on a limited number of objectives
  • Our businesses are machines…primary systems composed of sub-systems. Yes, and so are our lives
  • We stand apart from our businesses, examining them from an “outside and slightly elevated” position
  • It’s 2015! The world is moving FAST. Our businesses must be resilient and powerful; able to respond quickly. We accomplish this by spending our days creating super-efficient business machines, not hop-scotching around the latest management fads
  • Constant system improvement is our personal “prime time.”
  • We’re not fire-killers. We’re fire-prevention specialists
  • We learn from our errors and so we see problems as opportunities for system improvement: problems instigate system improvement
  • It’s easy to set up a business so front-line people want to be engaged…and management is listening. This is the WTS “bottom-up” strategy
  • Using certain communications tools and protocols, everyone is informed. Decisions are made quickly
  • Massive innovation in a product or service is not often possible. However, massive improvement in the existing mechanics of virtually any company can happen quickly. How? It starts with a simple mindset shift within the CEO. Then, this vision flows downward into the rest of leadership, into management, into operations and distribution, and then to the customer

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