Do you want to know exactly how Sam and his staff communicate per the work the system Methodology? Delivered by Sam himself, here are the tools and methodologies that make Centratel and his other businesses hyper-efficient. Sam says this about the Hyper Communications product: “word-for word, this is maybe the most valuable and instantly usable information I’ve put out there…”.

With our on-line Hyper Communications product, you will dramatically streamline your email, voice mail, one-on-one and group communications. You’ll use tools and methodologies that are simple to install, easy to use, and that are of little or no-cost. Bottom line, the Hyper-Communications product will help you and your staff accomplish much more in significantly less time.

And for you, specifically? Plan on doubling to quadrupling your own operational effectiveness. The results are, simply, profound.

The fundamentals apply from the brand new mom-and-pop business up to the decades-old multinational.

You’ll learn the nuances of group email and voice mail, how to keep your inbox under control, why Point of Sale thinking is key, how to “chunk” your communications so you can focus without interruption, how to get your staff to climb-on-board, why texting should only be done in two circumstances, and why a $2 smart phone app we call EVM (emailed voice mail) will change your life.

Here’s something else: In using the tools and protocols described in the video, most businesses can reduce the number of meetings by 80%. Yes, that is correct: Meetings are simply not necessary if information can be immediately and easily shared and discussed.

Included is Sam’s 40 minute presentation video, PDF and audio versions of the presentation, a PDF of the Work the System Communications Guidelines document and the Communications Template that will guide you through the process of revamping your communications system.