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It All Comes Down to This (Thanks Louie)

by Sam Carpenter


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Thanks Louie Schwartzberg, for nailing it. It’s the message I deliver in my book: It’s ALL right here, right now, in this instant!

“Getting” this new perception leads to all kinds of great things: everything from carving through the day like a dance, to accumulating more money than one needs (with minimal effort), to calming down, to really relating to those we encounter…

Here’s an excerpt from Work the System, Chapter Four: “This systems rationale is not another feel-good, think-positive invocation, and it’s not about faith. It’s about stone-cold mechanical reality. Think about the processes of our lives and then do the numbers. We wake, shower, dress, eat, go to work, and proceed through the day to return to our loved ones in the evening. Then we watch TV, read, and go to bed early—or stay up late. We go to sleep and then we awake again the next morning. And everything works fine 99.9 percent of the time.

That’s the cursory overview. Break it down and sequentially note the other events of the day’s chronology. It will be thousands of items long as it includes contributing components such as the coffee maker that works every morning; the car that—despite all of its internal intricacies—operates with the turn of a key and then the turn of the steering wheel; the office we occupy; the complexities of the work we do; the paychecks we receive for doing that work. Consider the processes of sharing information back and forth with those around us: one on one, voice mail, cellular phone, e-mail, the written word. Each is a system, and 99.9 percent of the time each works flawlessly!

Envision the system we call a TV. By simply pushing a button, this incredibly complex mechanism jumps to life every time! Beyond the physical TV itself, consider the myriad organizations that put together the programming that appears on it. Then, switch gears and think about the lawn mower, the water that flows from the kitchen tap, the ubiquitous electricity that comes to our homes to animate a host of devices, each a complex system of its own.

Contemplate the clothes we wear, the shopping we do, the work we perform. Consider the gas pumped into our cars at gas stations. In some faraway place, sophisticated mechanisms extract oil from the ground. Then people transport it via high-tech ships, trucks, and pipelines to refineries where it is converted into gasoline via complex refining processes. Next, truckers deliver the gasoline to an uncountable number of convenient locations so we can pump it into our cars whenever we feel like it. We never think twice about the intricacies of the drilling/refining/delivery systems. And these are just a few of the millions of systems that touch our daily lives.

And what about the human body? Consider the amazing complexity of chemicals and mechanics that make it work. For each of us, as we progress through the day, billions of cells simultaneously cling to each other making us who we are. And all the while, as we function moment to moment, trillions of concurrent electrical signals execute without direct supervision.


Consider the miracle of what you are doing this moment, viewing and translating the characters on this page—or perhaps you are listening to my words in the audio version. You are transferring my thoughts to your mind where you instantaneously interact with what I am saying, making immediate judgments, agreeing or disagreeing, line by line. This is happening now, in this instant.

Yes, these complex systems sometimes fail. Nonetheless, it’s a numbers game and it is unquestionable that the systems of our lives, taken together, work perfectly more than 99.9 percent of the time.

So far, I have focused on human systems, which are just a fraction of the total at work in any given moment. Uncountable natural systems add to the numbers and dwarf what man has created, and they all work perfectly according to their scripts.

Once one accepts the world’s beautiful systems dance for what it is, the mystery of it goes even deeper. Consider that primary systems depend on subsystems, and those subsystems depend on sub-subsystems branching outward and downward, further and further, to subprimal levels.

And see that these processes repeat themselves over and over, as they incrementally create new forms and dissolve old ones.

The world is alive and it churns ahead with power and purpose!

Stop for a moment and attempt to draw it all in. The depth and intricacy of life’s fabric is astonishing beyond comprehension. Grasp the beautiful complexity of life’s workings and know that all by itself this world gurgles and percolates along with no overall human supervision. The countless systems that comprise life surge on and on while most of us remain oblivious to the mystery of it, to the sheer beauty of it.”

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(My good friend Dennis Hanson passed this video on to me. THANKS Dennis!)


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  1. Pat Gilbert says:

    I don’t think it is possible to overstate the value of getting into present time. The antithesis of this video would be to view life through the rear view mirror. As your ability to stay in present time increases you start residing in the future as well. I would say everyone in this video was solidly in present time. The only admonishment I would make is the inference that it is not created by you.

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