Employee or Manager

Employee or Manager

A message from Sam Carpenter:

June 1, 2017

Welcome to our website. I hope you’re enjoying my book.  Here’s a brief overview of the Work the System Method.

The methodology is the simple path to seizing control of your life and to creating real value for those around you (and If you’re thinking of beginning a business, you’ll find this information quite useful…).

All this is possible once you internalize the “systems mindset” and then assertively manage the systems of your life.

It’s simple mechanics! I explain this potently effective way of living life in my book, Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less which, because of a special arrangement with my publisher, I’m able to give away in PDF and audio form.

Here are some of the foundational points I cover in my book and on this website

  • Your life is a collection of always-moving independent processes. Life is not confused and irrational!
  • Everything in your life – right this moment –was preceded by one of these step-by-step processes
  • These systems are executing right now, whether or not you see them…
  • It’s a simple thing: we must manage these processes in order to get the result we want!
  • Don’t be a fire-killer. Instead, be a fire-prevention specialist

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