Personal Control

Chapter 26 Clustering: Guilt Free and with a Calm Mind Note: The following biographical chapter explains why I don’t prioritize the most important component systems of my life. What you’re getting here is an “advanced Systems Mindset” protocol, but it will be useful no matter your current state of fire-killing. The lament is incessant: Day in […]

Chapter 24 Semantics Matter: Making Your Machines Visible Your real-time vocabulary matters. Choose the right words—what you say overtly and what you say in your head—to keep yourself on track. Because a work, health, or relationship system can’t be physically touched doesn’t mean it’s not there. But this system invisibility is why people don’t pay attention […]

(Note to reader: This is Part Two of a summary-essay regarding the necessary mindset – “the systems mindset” – that is fundamental to the Work the System Method. It’s written so that anyone can get a solid take-away. For that reason feel free to share with your friends and colleagues, whether they are familiar with […]